Construction at West Paw Design - almost done!

Posted May 13, 2010

Construction is finally winding down - and it looks great!  As many of you know, in January our south walls were moved and re-placed 98 feet back.  In February we were able to move into our new production area. Around that same time, the construction began on the new office space above our current office space (again- sorry for the background noise while we were on the phone with you!).  

Our new receiving dock has been in use for over 2 months and has been key to improving our efficiencies.  It allows us to receive a shipment at the same time as FedEx is picking up all of our outbound orders. Wow that’s nice!

Shipping and Receiving dock doors Back of our building, receiving dock is the green area.
White door on left is for unloading, open door straight ahead is the new receiving dock. The back of the building. The green area is our new receiving dock.


Now, our office space expansion is pretty well wrapped up too.  We plan to begin moving into the new space by the end of the month! We have more office area to accommodate 5 more people; we have an additional conference room (we’ll miss those double booked meetings on two topics... they were interesting); and we have a whole new large area that is set aside solely for Research & Development! Check out the view now... this will soon be “Top Secret!”

New Hallway New Office area Our new conference room Our new R & D space
Looking down the hallway. New Office Space. New Conference Room. New R&D Space.


We’ve also received our new injection molding machine to make even more of our amazing, popular Zogoflex® toys! It was a pretty exciting day when it arrived (along with a crane to unload it)!

Picking up machine with crane

Lining up the machine with the door

Moving machine into our building

Unloading with crane. Lining it up with the door. Moving it into our building.


We are just now finishing a fresh coat of paint on the new exterior walls. After that, we’ll just have some landscaping to finish up.  All the new space is already feeling familiar and like home again.  Thanks again to everyone for all their patience and support during our growth-spurt! 

Just finishing up with a coat of paint