Governor Schweitzer Presents Exporter of the Year Award to West Paw Design

Posted March 02, 2010

(HELENA) – Governor Brian Schweitzer today joined Megan Harrington, Chair of the Montana District Export Council, members of the Montana District Export Council and the Bozeman community in honoring West Paw Design of Bozeman, as the winner of the Montana District Export Council Governor’s Excellence in Exporting 2009 Montana Exporter of the Year.

West Paw Design manufactures high quality dog and cat toys, bedding and apparel made in Bozeman, Montana. The company is dedicated to not only creating safe, fun, and durable products, but also to making a contribution to the greater picture. West Paw Design uses organic, recycled and recyclable materials in its products. Additionally, the company works to minimize waste in its operations and has also demonstrated a commitment to minimizing its environmental impact with its state-of-the-art, energy-efficient manufacturing facility. Green products and services have become a large trend in today’s market – and West Paw Design is in the forefront when it comes to eco-friendly products for to our four-legged friends.

“West Paw Design is the kind of innovative company that puts Montana on the map in a new and exciting way,” said Governor Brian Schweitzer. “Manufacturing is big business in Montana and West Paw does it responsibly and with great results. Marketing Montana-made products for our furry friends is something everyone can get behind – especially Jag.”

West Paw Design currently exports to 24 countries and in 2008 its exports grew by over 300 percent. Exports accounted for 8.79 percent of the company’s 2007 sales and grew to 14.95 percent of overall sales in 2008. These numbers include a 39 percent total sales increase in 2008.

West Paw Design is active in marketing to the global marketplace to establish world- wide customers. West Paw Design recently participated in the Global PETS Forum in Austria and has exhibited at the Interzoo Trade Show in Nurnberg, Germany since 2000. Interzoo takes place every two years and is the world’s largest pet product industry show.

The Prospera Business Network in Bozeman nominated West Paw Design for the 2009 Exporter of the Year Award. The Montana District Export Council (DEC) is a volunteer organization drawn from Montana State businesses, governmental agencies, and non-profits. The members have in-depth knowledge and experience in international business and are available as a unique source of professional advice to help other Montana firms compete and win business in the international marketplace.

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