Press Release - Eco Slumber lets your pet sleep in eco-heaven

Posted December 29, 2009

Pet Beds … Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles!

Eco Slumber®

Let your pet sleep in eco-heaven with an Eco Slumber® bed from West Paw Design®. This Earth friendly pet bed is sure to not only give your furry friend a better nights rest, but will let you sleep guilt free from Mother Earth too! 

Eco Slumber® beds combine an eco fabric cover, made with recycled IntelliLoft® fibers and then are filled with 100% recycled IntelliLoft® fiber fill. IntelliLoft® fibers are re-engineered from recycled soda-pop bottles. Sometimes it is hard to measure the positive impact you make when you choose to purchase a green product, but every bit makes a difference. To date, West Paw Design (a small manufacturer of pet toys and beds in Montana) has saved over 4.03 million plastic bottles from going to landfills. When you think of all the work that was put into originally creating the plastic, from the drilling of oil to the petroleum the tankers use to move it around the world; it is nice to know that you are able to keep that plastic from simply going to a landfill after one quick drink on the go... and instead it is being used again in another long lasting product.


Eco Slumber® is available in two color combinations and features a zipper opening to remove cover for quick washes. However, both inside pillow and cover are machine washable for deep cleaning.  Who knew that purchasing a high quality, retro pet bed would help divert plastic from landfills and reduce energy use?! Made in Montana, USA.


 Take a look at how much plastic each Eco Slumber diverts:



Eco Slumber® pet beds



Recycled Bottles


S 21" x15" x5" 27.2 bottles $78.00
M 27" x21" x5" 49.9 bottles $100.00
L 33" x27" x6" 73.8 bottles $126.00
XL 38" x32" x6" 104.4 bottles $156.00





Certified Safe

This bed is not just safe for Mother Earth, but safe for your entire family! From the fabric and thread down to the pillow cushion, Eco Slumber® has been certified safe by Öko-Tex Standard 100.  Öko-Tex is a 3rd party ecological certifier that rigorously tests every part of the bed for over 100 potentially harmful substances and prove it 100% SAFE for the pets and humans in your home!


About West Paw Design®

Surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, West Paw Design® manufactures the best quality pet products while also taking care of the environment, employees and customers. Driven by a passion for pets and the joy they bring, West Paw Design seeks the most innovative designs using the best possible materials, resulting in a meaningful value for our customers. Established in 1996, West Paw Design is proud to do its part to protect the environment by limiting waste and utilizing nontoxic, organic or recyclable materials. For more information about West Paw Design and its products visit



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