Soda Bottles Recycled Into Cozy New Pet Bed by West Paw Design

Posted June 25, 2010

Since 2006 West Paw Design has given new life to more than 4.03 million recycled soda bottles by re-engineering them into the extremely soft IntelliLoft® material that’s used in the company’s line of eco pet beds and toys. The newest addition to the line is the Eco Drop™ — a nest bed featuring an inner cushion made from 100% recycled IntelliLoft and an 85% recycled cover.

Perched high off the ground, this cloud of a bed is a soft sanctuary for dogs and cats. Pets can nest into the Eco Drop’s double-stuffed cushion and rest easy in folds of fleecy fabric. Offered in small, medium and large sizes and three vibrant colors, Eco Drop Beds will be available in retail locations and at beginning mid-July.

This USA-made bed is non-toxic and has been certified safe by Öko-Tex which tests textile products to ensure they are free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances including phthalates, pesticides, heavy metals and allergy-inducing dyes. The Eco Drop’s removable cover is machine washable and dryer safe.

West Paw Design’s eco products are becoming an even better option for conscious pet owners as the company increases the recycled content of its IntelliLoft outer fabric from 85 percent to 100 percent over the next few months. This improvement will help West Paw Design and its customers make a bigger impact on the growing problem of plastic waste. This is significant because bottles continue to accumulate in landfills and oceans – adding to problems like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is conservatively estimated to be larger than the size of Texas.

“We’re inspired by the momentum gaining among manufacturers that are using recycled plastic bottles to make everything from World Cup jerseys to toothbrushes,” said West Paw Design President and Owner Spencer Williams. “It’s great that our pet products can help keep plastic waste out of landfills and oceans, and I can’t wait to see what new innovations are around the corner.”

For more information about how West Paw Design turns plastic soda bottles into pet products, please visit our IntelliLoft page. Fore more information about the variety of products made from recycled plastic, please visit the American Chemistry Council’s Recycled Plastics Products Directory

About West Paw Design®
Surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Mont.-based West Paw Design, established in 1996, continues to pursue its mission to create the highest quality pet products on the market. Created and manufactured locally, all products are safe and comfortable for pets with fabrics sourced straight from the clothing industry. While creating products with minimal environmental impact, West Paw Design uses non-toxic, organic or recyclable materials. West Paw Design is proud to do its part to protect the environment by using as much raw product as possible and reducing waste. For more information about West Paw Design and its products visit


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