West Paw Design Expands Zogoflex® Line with Two New Mini Dog Toys

Posted July 15, 2010

The Mini Hurley® and the Mini Zisc® are the newest additions to West Paw Design’s growing line of guaranteed-tough Zogoflex® dog toys. Petite versions of two Zogoflex favorites, the new minis are designed to fuel countless hours of fun for small-breed dogs and the people who love them. 

The bone-shaped Mini Hurley and flying Mini Zisc disc are made from extremely tough Zogoflex material that has been standing up to chewers since 2004. West Paw Design guarantees the full Zogoflex line against dog damage with a refund or replacement. With a return rate of less than 1 percent, Zogoflex toys are highly rated by customers who are often surprised that these toys can endure the aggressive play that has left many other toys badly damaged.

The new Mini Hurley brings the best of a ball and a bone together in one bouncy, buoyant chew toy. While the material is tough, it’s also pliable which means that it is gentle on dogs’ mouths. West Paw Design recommends this toy for small-breed dogs that like to chew. The Mini Zisc lets the good times fly at the park, in the yard or at the lake year-round. Gentler on mouths than hard-shell frisbees and faster than those made from fabric, Mini Ziscs are great activity toys for dogs that like to “go long.” Both toys are available in three bright colors — Tangerine, Granny Smith Green and Aqua Blue — which makes them easy to spot in water, grass or snow.

Zogoflex toys are also dishwasher safe. All Zogoflex toys are 100%recyclable and West Paw Design’s Join the Loop® recycling program gives customers the option to return exhausted toys to be cleaned, re-ground and re-used in new Zogoflex products. West Paw Design also recycles the excess material created during manufacturing which results in a virtually waste-free production process. Products come in 100% recycled packaging and along with being eco-friendly, Zogoflex toys are non-toxic.

Durable, buoyant, eco-friendly, made in the USA, non-toxic, colorful and guaranteed — each Zogoflex toy brings great things together in one completely fun package.

Mini Hurleys (MSRP $7.95)  

Mini Ziscs (MSRP $10.95). 

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