Where do you get your inspiration... the Safari or the Montana Plains?

Posted October 21, 2009

The Pet Elite showcases items that may have been inspired on the Safari... the Serengeti plains!  They included our newest Zogoflex dog toy Būmi® . This made us sit back for a moment and reflect on Būmi and how we were inspired....

It actually started on the Montana Plains... well, the foothills at the edge of the plains.  Here in Bozeman, Montana the customer service crew began getting requests from people all across the United States for West Paw Design to create a tug toy from our amazing Zogoflex® material. Our Research and Development team gathered a group of employees together who began sketching ideas and discussing how to make a fun, unique tug toy.  Basic ideas from feedback and our employee's creativity evolved to become West Paw's new tug toy.  The next step was to test the toy (yep, we test on animals).  Our dog testers wrote in their reviews and what they thought.  Our strongest chew testers claimed caution that the toy was not as strong as the Tux® , Hurley®, and Huck.  Our tug testers responded with a positive "GREAT!"  And to our surprise the fetcher testers also responded with much, much more excitement than we anticipated.  Over and over we heard, "Our dog hates to tug, but loves to fetch, wrestle, and play with this toy!"  The new toy passed the "testers" with flying colors. Now, all that was left was what to name the new toy?  Suggestions were added to a long list.  Then voting narrowed the list, followed by more voting until the name was revealed... "Būmi."  The inspiration of the name coming from that Australian icon... the boomerang.

No matter where and how the Būmi was inspired, the important point is that it brings joy to dogs from all around the world!  Have fun, mate!

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