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Posted May 28, 2009

Woman's Day Magazine finds something to chew on. Download PDF 
"Fed up with gnawed on shoes but don't want a mess of half-eaten bones all over the house? We had our pal Lilly test these heavy duty chew toys to see which take the bite."

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West Paw Design Honored with 'Best for the Environment' Award

West Paw Design Honored as ‘Best for the Environment’

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Cat Cleanliness Can Come At An Uncomfortable Cost...Hairballs!

Are You Hairball Aware? How to Prevent Potentially Harmfull Hairballs
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Are You Hairball Aware?

April 25th is National Hairball Awareness Day

An adult cat spends up to 50% of her day grooming herself.

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Dog Beds made in USA

We're proud to handcraft our designer, USA-made dog beds one by one in Montana.

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