Buy a Huck, Give a Buck to Working Dogs for Conservation

Posted September 22, 2011


Beginning on September 22nd 2011, your purchase of large Zogoflex Huck dog toys will benefit Working Dogs for Conservation with $1 for each ball sold. For a limited time the toys will feature special packaging letting customers know that their purchase supports a great cause.

Since 2000 the non-profit organization has used canine-human teams to benefit science and conservation. From working to eradicate invasive weeds in Montana to helping identify population and disease parameters of the world's most endangered ape in Cameroon, WDC's impressive list of conservation projects spans the globe. 

Buy a Huck and give a buck

Buy a Huck >   and give a buck!


Many of the working dogs are shelter rescues that are selected for their willingness to work, and, with training, to maintain focus when subjected to a variety of stressful or tempting distractions. Using modified narcotic, forensic, and search and rescue techniques, WDC trainers condition the dogs to associate the odor of a target object with a highly-prized reward. Initially, dogs are chosen for their intense focus on a toy or food that is subsequently used as a reward. 

We are proud that our Zogoflex toys are often the reward for working dogs, and together with our customers we’re excited to support future conservation projects.