Catalog Changes - All you need

Posted January 20, 2010

Dealers who have been selling West Paw Design products for a while know to expect new items and changes to our line twice a year. Sometimes it is tough to keep track of exactly what changed - but not any more! The Dealer Direct page is not only helpful in letting you know how fast we are shipping and any current stock shortages, but there is even a whole section called “2010 Spring Updates” that shows exactly what is new, what has changed and what was discontinued in the release of the catalog. 

Since you typically only need to see this area once, we’ve set it to be hidden and out of the way by default.  All you need to do is click on the blue title “2010 Spring Updates” to expand the list.

Need images for your website? From your feedback, we’ve added a section where you can download our new images.  You don’t need to sift through all of our current product images (which you can still get from our media page), but you can download just the new images you need.

Need UPC codes, order forms, or the PDF version of our catalog, they are all easily downloaded in our Document center!  

Did we miss something.... let us know - we want to make this Dealer Direct page as helpful as we can for you!

PS - Don’t forget we have a video tour of the dealer direct and quick order tools!