Construction Update - the walls are up and the roof is on!

Posted January 20, 2010


Our eco-friendly attitude doesn’t just stop with the products we make - even our building represents our commitment to the environment. Instead of using traditional building techniques, we constructed the exterior walls from 10-foot wide concrete panels which made it possible to relocate and reuse the 140 foot southern wall rather than demolishing it during our expansion.

We are happy to say that the new side walls are up, the roof is on, and we just placed the last few panels from our original wall to their new resting places 98 feet from where they stood before.

The material we used in the temporary wall we put up will also be reused in the second phase of construction when we create additional office space. The expansion will more than double the manufacturing area, resulting in a total square footage of 30,855 when the expansion is complete.


Our old back its new spot
    Our completely new side walls
Our back wall looks identical to how it did before... because it is identical - it's the same wall, just moved 98 feet.
The side of our building shows just how much we added on. The new walls haven't been painted yet.


Benefits from our expansion reach beyond West Paw Design, according to an economic impact analysis completed by the Prospera Business Network.  It states the expansion project is supporting 29 local jobs and will generate $2.5 million in total economic benefit... wow!! 

We are off to a great year - Thanks again for choosing West Paw Design and helping us grow!