Goodbye - you will be missed!!!

Posted November 30, 2009

There are some sad friends of West Paw Design that are having to say goodbye to some of their favorite dog toys:  Bow Wowzer Ball and Fling Thing.  It is true: due to the much more popular Zogoflex toys gaining more and more popularity, West Paw Design has had to make a tough choice and discontinue the two Enduroplay toys that were made in Canada.  These toys were known for their light weight, which made them great for water play and indoor play.  


The news has actually spiked a recent rush of sales for the toy line. In fact, the yellow color option of the Fling Thing has already sold out of stock and is no longer available for purchase.  Some lucky individuals might still be able to find one at their local store... but they better move quick! Since there were a number of four legged fans that absolutely LOVED these toys, West Paw Design has already spoken to a number of customers who are building up their own stock pile to keep in the closet... just in case one gets lost!


So have fun, but keep good care of those last few Bow Wowzer Balls and Fling Thing toys (beyond your own stock pile), they will be the last!