Have you used the Quick Order Tool yet?

Posted January 18, 2010


We’ve made some big changes to our website in the past few months... perhaps too many for you to follow?!  However, there are a few that we felt would really help save you time and make ordering quicker and easier than ever. 

The Quick Order Tool is only for dealers - and has the ability to save tons of time! In every dealer’s Shopping Cart there is a “Quick Order” line where you can type in a product name (or even the start of a product’s name). You’re able to add product without ever leaving your shopping cart.  Since the Quick tool keeps the same search results for you, it is easy and quick to add more of the same products in different sizes and colors.

We would love to get your feedback! Ronald of Westwood Pet Center in Bethesda, MD recently placed an order online. When we called to see what he thought, he admitted that he hadn’t used the new quick order tool. After pointing the tool out to Ronald, he said that “it is definitely going to help. It was so frustrating having to add something and then click ‘continue shopping’ and wait to go back.”

Zoraya from SPOT in New York City also said that she didn’t know about the quick order tool or the re-order button. Now that she knows, she thinks it could really be helpful in saving her time. Zoraya was calling in large orders over the phone, but was happy to learn about these new tools because she finds that many times she places orders when manufacturers are closed - so ordering online is necessary.

Both Ronald and Zoraya were able to give some great feedback to us about what worked well and what they would like to see West Paw Design improve next.  We were so happy to hear what they thought, and we’d like to hear what you think too!  Be sure to try these new tools out and if you need some more help first, please check out our video or call us.

Happy 2010 - a faster, easier, and all around improved year!