Merchandising Tips

Posted April 24, 2013

Fun ideas for fresh displays keep pet parents engaged, products moving, and tails wagging.  Here's a few of our favorite tips:




Use water filled fishbowl to buoy a few zogoflex toys and show off their floating finesse.

Displays toys in a bowl of water - so people see they can float
Stack Mats in a Pyramid



Stack your beds into a pyramid to show off the range of sizes and patterns.



Fill out small syles of Reknitz sweaters with a roll of paper towels.

Stuff dog sweaters with Papertowel
Model sweaters on cardboard dogs



Our cardoard caninies show off your sweaters (plus they're a cinch to assemble).




Beds can be bulky-show off extra colors and sizes without sacrificing space by popping them on top shelves.

Angle beds up to show off the center colors


Looking for more merchandising ideas?  Download our Merchandising Ideas PDF!


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