NEW! Rowdy Rooster & Black Hurley are here!

Posted November 01, 2012

Surprise - two new products are available at West Paw Design:


Introducing the NEW Black Hurley!

New Black Hurley dog toy - Black's the new green! Our new good to the bone, Black Hurley® works hard to make Mother Earth proud!  The greenest addition to West Paw Design family gets its bold, black hue from a near zero waste initiative for Zogoflex®.  To achieve this black magic, we combine multi-colored materials we aren't able to recycle into one of our standard bright colors.  We mix those colors together and we now have our tough-as-ever dog toy that utilizes up to 120 pounds per week of previously not re-usable Zogoflex materials - how green is that? 

Black.  It's the new green.  Order your Black Hurley today!


Move over chickens, there’s a new fowl in town!

Rowdy Rooster - This dog toy is ready to strut his stuff and play Introducing our feistiest dog toy yet - the Rowdy Rooster.  Reunited with his fellow flock of fowls, the Spring Chickens, Rowdy Rooster is a fabric dog toy that will squawk around the house providing endless entertainment. Like his female friends, Rowdy Rooster is filled with a fun squeaker inside and he promises he won’t make a peep until after sunrise! 



New Helpful Downloads:

Order Form ← Download our newest Order Form that includes the Rowdy Rooster and Black Hurley toys.
SKU List ← Download our updated SKU List that includes the new Rowdy Rooster and Black Hurley toys.
Hi-Res Images ← Download Hi-Res Images of the Rowdy Roosters and Black Hurley (7MB).
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