Now re-ordering is quick and easy!!

Posted July 24, 2009

Improvements to website help save you time, and make ordering easier than ever at!

We are excited to announce our enhanced website with our 2009 fall winter catalog.  Most of the changes we've made are unnoticable, but we have a whole new foundation to our site. This will allow for more flexibility and improvements for the future.

The most noticable difference will be in the Shopping Bag feature of our website. We have improved ease of use and added a few new features.  The most exciting feature is our new re-order option.  If you tend to choose similar items each time you order, this will save you heaps of time!  With one click of a button you can duplicate your entire previous order!  Don't worry - you can still edit the order by removing or adding as you please before you finish your checkout! 

How do you re-order... it is easy:

click on "my account" link


1. Go to "My account" (as usual) and log-in.

Click on the Orders Tab


2. You'll see an "Orders" tab, click it to view your past orders (Note: Orders older than June 2009 will not be listed).

click on the re-order button


3. Once you have clicked on to the order tab you will see the new option to reorder.  Click the blue "Re-Order" button.

 Your previous order will populate into your shopping bag



 4. Your duplicate order will automatically populate into your shopping cart.  From here you are able to add or subtract any item needed.

 Continue through the check-out process just like you would with a new order


 5. Review your order as you typically would on any order and proceed through check out.

You're Done - Order Complete!


6. Order Complete - You're done!!

Happy Shopping!