Otter-ly fun Huck dog toys

Posted October 29, 2010

Another great review on a few of our dog toys... but from an unexpected source - the otters of the Seattle Aquarium!

I am the owner of a small business called Secondhand Hound. In addition to this business, I am also employed with the Seattle Aquarium. Since West Paw Design toys are so durable and I have had great success with them for my dogs, I introduced the mammal staff to them and they were a big hit! After they were approved for use, the huck and the tux were given to the sea otters as enrichment. The otters love them!

Secondhand Hound

Sea Otter with a huck dog toy on his belly

Here at West Paw we like to believe that the Sea Otters love of our dog toys is due to the fact that they float! No more diving down to retrieve their toys - these otters can lounge in lazy luxury all afternoon! Thanks Angie for sharing your fun story with us, and thanks to the Seattle Aquarium for the photos!


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