Turning a Lemon Economy into a Lemonade Serenade

Posted August 21, 2009


Beat the economic bailouts and relief programs dominating the minds of consumers and the headlines of the news media. Turn the lemon-of-an-economy into a refreshing “lemonade serenade” by providing a cool oasis from it all in your store. Who better to be the spokesman for this simple, yet uplifting campaign than the new Lemon Salsa fabric dog toy.


Walking the hot August sidewalks of their cities, pet owners will be overjoyed to come across Lemon Salsa signs inviting them into pet stores for a refreshing cup of cold lemonade...  along with lemon tarts, lemon-poppy seed muffins, lemon sour kisses, even lemon-flavored water for their pets...   whatever lemony treats you choose to offer them. 


“Whew, what a relief”, said one perspiring dog-walker.  “I always bring Sammy in with me looking for a new toy.  While wiping my brow, I saw the sign at the store and it drew me right in.  Salsa’s really cute!  I had my glass of lemonade, Sammy his sip of lemon water, then the three of us, Salsa in hand, left the store.  What an oasis.”


Spencer Williams, President of West Paw, said “...it was just a spur of the moment idea between one of our top sales reps and our sales director after a long hot day at work.  But it struck a chord with everybody.  And the serenade part had everyone singing and humming. So, we put it together and emailed it to all our dealers.  It took off on its own.  We’re happy we can bring some cooling relief in these tense times.”


As with all lemonade stands, Lemonade Serenade will fade in early fall as cooler temperatures come upon us.  But that’s as it’s meant to be.  It gave us pause, a cup of refreshment as we run this economic marathon, whose end we’ll surely cross.  It’ll be nice to remember, that along the way, an outstretched arm offered a cup of lemonade in hand.  Such a simple thing.  Such a benevolent thing.