Dog Mats: The Perfect No-Fuss Choice

Posted March 06, 2006

Quick, easy, and comfy solutions for crates, kennels, and travel

If you travel a lot, find yourself constantly washing your dog’s bed, or need a cushion for a crate or kennel, then you need an easy-to-care-for flat mat. Dog mats are easily transferable wherever your dog may go, and can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer just as they are. Mats are perfect for the dog that likes to spread out when he sleeps, but are also a great place to curl up, so if your dog spends a lot of time changing positions, he will find no barriers to his comfort. Flat mats also make great training tools, as they give your dog a clear boundary to follow the “stay” command, and the comfort gives extra motivation when you need him to “go lay down.”

Flat mats by West Paw Design come in a variety of standard sizes, in your choice of fabrics, always with our 61% recycled long-staple IntelliLoft® padding sewn inside. If you are looking for a quick and economical solution to your dog’s need for a defined space or a comfy floor for his kennel or crate, check out our Nature Nap® mats. High quality, reinforced fabric makes for a soft but tough mat. Nature Nap comes in beautiful color options, but you won’t mind getting these muddy, because it was first introduced from the outdoor clothing industry so they stand up to multiple washings, even surviving dog after dog at boarding kennels!

If you want the same ease of use with a little extra attitude, then take a look at our Zoo Rests . These mats feature the same easy maintenance, with padding sewn inside, but in chic animal patterns. Perfect for those with a wild side, who are a little more adventurous in fashion.

Finally, West Paw Design is happy to introduce a greener option in our newest mat family, Eco Nap®. Whether you are on-the-go or just want a low maintenance mat, the Eco Nap fulfills every need. Utilizing eco-friendly fabric made from 85% recycled IntelliLoft® fibers from recycled plastic bottles, milled in the USA for optimum quality and durability. These mats are available in four trendy colors and will be the envy of the other dogs. Humans are happy to hear that over 8 bottles are diverted from a landfill with every extra small mat. Even more impressive - an extra large diverts over 33 plastic bottles with each mat! You'll also be happy to know that it takes less energy to create fabric from recycled IntelliLoft® fibers, then to produce the same fabric from virgin fibers. You and your furry pet will sleep better with this purchase!

For any West Paw Design flat mat, if you are sizing for a crate or kennel, a good rule of thumb is to buy a flat mat the dimensions of the crate or kennel, or a little bit larger. Our flat mats have a slight edge that easily folds up to create a resting place for your dog’s head alongside the wall of the enclosure. For whatever your needs, a flat mat from West Paw Design will serve you well for years to come!

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