Gifts for all Types of Pets

Posted December 08, 2010

From high-energy hounds to refined felines, we know that different pets need different types of products. To help you find the perfect gifts for your pet, our team has put together our top picks for high-energy dogs, chewers, small breeds, older dogs and cats. With a variety of seasonal and everyday items, our recommendations include gifts that fit every budget.

The High-Energy Hound

Bumi dog toy


Bumi: Made from West Paw Design’s ultra durable Zogoflex material, this toy adds a fun twist to dogs’ reindeer games with an innovative “S” shape that is perfect for tug-o-war, fetch and other active games.

Eco Nap - flat bed mats for dogs and cats


Eco Nap: The lightweight Eco Nap keeps pets comfortable whether they’re at home, in the office, on the road or anywhere in between; one-piece machine washing and drying makes maintenance a cinch.

Tango - tough fabric dog squeak toy


Tango: White faux fur, recycled polyfill, two robust squeakers and long, lanky arms and legs make Tango the ideal toy for active dogs.Tug, shake and swing. 

Zisc - a durable frisbee for dogs


Zisc: In addition to helping dogs get a great work out, the Zisc exercises dogs’ sense of fun. These buoyant toys are great companions for any trip to the yard, park or water.

The Chewsy Canine

Tux - Durable dog toy with opening for treats


Tux: Guaranteed against dog damage, this ultra-durable and supremely stuffable treat toy was designed with dogs’ health and safety in mind.

Huck - Dog toy ball that is durable and floats


Huck: A hefty weight and special grooves makes the Huck more fun and more durable than a traditional ball.

Hurley - super strong dog toy that floats - in three sizes


Hurley: The best of a ball, bone, and stick in one incredible toy. Chew it, toss it, float it, love it.

The Sweet Petite

 Eco Merry bones - Fabric dog toy made from eco Fabric


Eco Merry Bone: This seasonal toys comes in a mini size just for small breeds. The festive bone comes with a squeaker and is made with eco-friendly materials inside and out.

 Reknitz - small sweaters for dogs made from reclaimed cotton


Reknitz K9 Sweater: Made with reclaimed cotton, Reknitz sweaters are the popular, eco-chic answer to cool weather for small dogs.

 Mini Hurley - tough enough toy for big dogs, in a little dog size


Mini Hurley: A petite version of a Zogoflex favorite, the new mini Hurley fuels countless hours of fun for small-breed dogs and the people who love them.

 Puppy Pooch - fabric squeak toy for little, tiny dogs


Puppy Pooch: With a squeaker, floppy ears and an eye-catching patch, this toy will grab and hold small dogs’ attention.

The Good ‘Ol Guy or Gal

Tuckered Out - Dog and Cat bed made to last, wash after wash


Tuckered Out Bed: Particularly a hit with older dogs, the Tuckered Out’s open front makes easy work of settling down for a snooze.

 Big Sky Blanket - comfy dog blanket that protects furniture from hair


Big Sky Blanket: Featuring textured faux suede on one side and silky fleece on the other, this blanket gives pets a luxurious place to lounge – especially when the weather’s cool.

 Owl - eco dog toy that gives a hoot about the environment


OwlOwl is not only eco-wise, he's fun too. Your dog will love to play, squeak, and snuggle with this soft, featherless friend.

 West Paw Teddy - Even dogs need teddy bears


West Paw Teddy: Soft corduroy fabric makes this teddy a comforting friend to snuggle up with day and night.

The Refined Feline

Ho ho hairball - the holiday cat toy with organic catnip and a bell


Ho-Ho-Hairball: This little ball of fur, filled with USDA certified organic catnip and an enticing bell, will entertain the most finicky feline for hours.

Zoo Rest Oval Mats for cats


Zoo Rest Oval: For siestas at home or on the go, the lightweight oval mat brings an extra touch of comfort to cats.

Catnip - USDA organic catnip grown in the USA


Organic Catnip: Because it’s healthier for cats, the families they live with and the environment, our fresh and pungent catnip is grown free from synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Kitty Lure Caster - interactive feathered cat toy


Kitty Lure Caster: Your cat can spend hours batting and pawing at this fun, interactive toy that features fuzzy, colorful “bait” tied to the end of a caster.


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