New Soft and Strong Heyday Bed® with Microsuede®

Posted January 16, 2013

Introducing the HEYDAY BED® with MICROSUEDE® from West Paw Design

 The Bed Built for Durability, Drooling and Dirtying

Durability and versatility seamlessly come together in West Paw Design’s NEW Heyday Bed® with Microsuede®. This American made, handsewn, pillowy bolster bed snuggles dogs in a double-stuffed base. The cool color palette, complements home décor, while the sensible shape cozies up crates, hits the road and goes right into the wash. Drool? Beads off. Mud? Wipes off. Dogs and cats finally get their spotlessly clean moment in the sun.

Aussie dog lays on the Drifter Bed, made in the USA

Dog Tested...

Heavy duty and stain resistant, these beds are built to last. The Heyday Bed with Microsuede® sends dogs off to sleep with a velvety microsuede cover, a soft outer pillow, and double layers of our own IntelliLoft® filling made from recycled plastic bottles. Slobber and spills bead up and easily wipe away with a damp cloth. Paws and claws don’t even begin to scratch the surface of how tough this bed is!

Human Approved!

Easy-cleanup and attractive colors is what humans love. The Heyday Beds™ with Microsuede® are beautiful and stain resistant. For quick dirt removal, all that’s needed is a damp cloth. For full-on disasters, remove the bolsters and pop everything in the washer and dryer. Wash after wash, the Heyday Bed® with Microsuede® will retain its beauty and even get softer.

Stylishly Safe and Planet Friendly

West Paw Design takes pet safety seriously. Heyday Bed™ with Microsuede® has been tested and certified for safety by Oeko-Tex, a third party ecological certifier that rigorously tests every part of the bed for over 100 potentially harmful substances. The double stuffed insides are made from West Paw Design’s proprietary, environmentally friendly, re-engineered PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) polymer material, IntelliLoft®. Otherwise known as recycled plastic bottles, IntelliLoft® recycled material uses up to 8x less energy than it takes to manufacture the same material new and keeps plastic bottles out of landfills. Pretty patterns and a modern color palette make up the six variations of West Paw Design’s latest labor of love.

Solid colors: Sky, Loden, Bear and Frost.

Patterns: Serenity Sky and Serenity Frost.






29” x20” x5”

16.5” x8”



32” x23” x5”

19” x10”



42” x29” x5”

25” x16”



49” x33” x5”

30” x18”


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