Feather Cat Toys Get Your Cat Moving

Posted March 06, 2006

The thrill of the chase can be had by all cats, no hunting experience required!

We all know that cats have a reputation for being finicky about everything: where they sleep, what they eat, who they like, and especially, what they’ll play with. If you’ve tried to introduce toys to your cat without seeing that spark of excitement, then it’s time to try something new! Feather cat toys bring out the hunter in your cat, and combined with premium catnip, you can’t go wrong!

West Paw Design makes a whole slew of toys to get your cat moving that are so clever, you’ll be joining in on the fun, as well. First, our feather cat toys are like nothing on the market. The Star Chaser features a hearty fabric toy at its center with ribbons, poms, and a colorful faux feather attached to keep your kitty’s interest. As she tosses the toy in the air, all the playful elements come to life.

For a total feather experience, look at our Kitty Lure. At 8 inches long, this feather cat toy is the perfect toy for grabbing and kicking, as well as tossing around and pouncing! And with brightly colored marabou feathers and funny little eyes its plucky personality shines through! You can even order this feather cat toy as part of a fishing set with our Kitty Lure Caster. It turns this top toy into an interactive dynamo, letting you cast the Kitty Lure around the room for your cat to hunt and chase. The Caster even features a slip noose for you to interchange your “bait” and attach any number of catnip toys.

Faux fur is another fabric, other than feathers, that cats absolutely love! With a loud, jingling bell, premium catnip, and the cutest eyes peaking through the fur, you’ll see how Hair Ball will become your cat’s furriest friends. If your cat likes to pounce on bigger prey, try the Rat-A-Cat-Cat, a solid 6.5 inches of toy to kick around. Or look at the Crawly Critter, a 12 inch length filled with catnip and featuring a soft belly of polar fleece, allowing the toy to slide easily across any hard surface.

Finally, for cats who prefer petite playmates, our Kickin' Chicken is a compact companion with all the best fur toys have to offer. Whether feather or fur, your cat will love toys to get her moving!

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