Guaranteed Tough Dog Toys

Posted September 14, 2009

Our durable and most indestructible dog toys. Guaranteed long-lasting. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, dishwasher safe. Made in the USA.



Tux - the toughest dog treat toy


Hurley dog toy - guaranteed durable dog bone toy


Strongest dog ball toy - Jive dog ball

  • Stuffable Dog Chew Toy
  • Our Most Durable Dog Toy
  • 4 Colors
  • $16.50
  • Bone-Shaped Dog Chew Toy
  • 3 Sizes
  • 4 Colors
  • $8 - $15
  • Bounces and Floats
  • 3 Sizes
  • 4 Colors
  • $8 - $15





Aggressive chewing dogs and their owners need safe chew toys that will last.  ”Indestructible dog toy" is a common review we receive from our customers. Our unique line of toys made from the amazing Zogoflex® material are certainly strong - the strongest we've found for power chewers.

While we’re flattered to receive these awesome customer reviews, and we haven’t found more durable, long lasting dog chew toys... we still believe no dog toy is indestructible and we often encourage customers to check toys for signs of any damage.

From interactive toys for puppies to chew toys for pitbulls, the best dog toys are the those that are the safest for your pet.  Owners of "power chewers" know that most toys won't last 5 minutes... and claims of "indestructible dog toys" are just not true, but Zogoflex®  proves to be one of the most durable dog toys out there . This is why we offer our one-time guarantee - for owners who are skeptical and would like to give it a try.  

West Paw Design receives less than 1% of its guaranteed tough dog toys back - and most customers request a free replacement over a refund, stating that these dog toys are by far the longest lasting toy they've ever purchased.






Since dogs come in a variety of sizes, some dog toys will be a better fit than others.  Choosing the right dog toy for your dog is important. West Paw Design's most durable all around dog toy is the Tux toy. It is made from the same Zogoflex material as the other toys in this line, but because of the shape of the toy, it stands up to most chompers and is the closest toy we've found to being indestructible.

Tux - the toughest dog toy we make
Tux® - the toughest


The Large Hurley® and Jive® dog ball toys are the next strongest toys. Some super chewers find the Hurley to be more durable, and others claim that the Large Jive is more durable. It just depends on your dog's jaw, teeth, and paws (paws give the ability to hold one toy more securely in one position more than another). When you find the right toy to match your dog's chewing ability, you and your dog will be happy!

Hurley Dog Toy


Jive - super strong durable dog ball toy

Hurley® Jive®




We also offer three interactive toy designs-- Zisc, Būmi and Tizzi.   These dog toys were not designed to be "chew" toys for the extreme chewers. These interactive dog toys were designed to be the longest lasting "active dog toy." Whether you are playing fetch or playing tug with Bumi, these dog toys will last many trips in strong clenching jaws as the dog retrieves the toy back to you.  

Zisc Interactive dog toy Bumi interactive dog toy Tizzi is the newest, but already a favorite dog toy
Zisc® Būmi® Tizzi®


We always enjoy all the reviews we receive and letters of thanks for creating such strong dog toys! People just can't believe that toys that are so strong are also buoyant, dishwasher safe, and recyclable. All of that and made in the USA too!


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