West Paw Design, Approved for People, Paws and Planet

Posted May 25, 2009

West Paw Design + Green America = FRIENDLY!

How easy is it to be green? Seth Partain, former Production Manager at West Paw Design has this to say, “I think being green is an ongoing pursuit, not just a decision you make. “

West Paw Design founder, Spencer Williams, has taken the green path from day one in his manufacturing of Pet Toys in Bozeman, MT – and it’s not going unnoticed. We have earned statewide recognition for our programs that create safe and healthy work environments. One such program helps our employees reduce fatigue and stress injuries by playing a random mix of music for one minute every hour while they perform specific exercises related to their workstations.

Our most recent recognition is a listing in Green America’s National Green Pages. This highly esteemed directory connects green-minded consumers with environmentally responsible businesses that provide sustainable products in addition to adopting principals, policies and practices that improve the quality of life for customers, employees, communities and the planet.

After filling out a screening assessment form, Green America’s stringent screening team, who answers to the Board of Directors, investigates each applying company to determine it’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility and significant action in terms of this commitment. They are insistent on accepting only those companies that focus on: using business as a tool for positive social change; being socially and environmentally responsible in sourcing, manufacturing and marketing their products and running their offices and factories; employing extraordinary and innovative practices that benefit workers, communities, customers and the environment. How does West Paw Design qualify?


  • We commit to sustainability for our global environment and communities by minimizing environmental impact and fostering strong local and world communities where future generations can thrive.
  • We have developed an injection molding process that minimizes waste to as low as 2.4%
  • Our Zogoflex® toys are 100% recyclable
  • Our building was constructed in 2001 using the latest developments in energy efficient design
  • We use scrap material to create new toys
  • We reclaim and reuse banana boxes to store finished goods
  • We utilize recycled material in our packaging, shipping materials and office supplies
  • We provide re-usable dishes and fair trade, organic coffee for all employees
  • We source our materials locally and regionally whenever possible
  • All plush toys and beds are hand-crafted in Bozeman, MT
  • We recycle all cardboard, plastic, metal and paper – and provide each station with their own recycling bins
  • We exclusively use IntelliLoft® fabric and fills for our products, which is milled in the USA from recycled soda bottles. This helps us to divert many, many tons of plastic from our landfills each year.
  • We use only certified organic catnip in our cat toys
  • We provide honest wages and good benefits for all employees. All employees see the fruits of their success through a generous profit sharing program.
  • We provide jobs to people with disabilities through our local Reach, Inc.
  • We donate beds, toys and money to local and national animal shelters and advocacy organizations as well as local arts and humanities non-profit organizations.

By committing ourselves to these ideals, we are Green America approved for people, paws and planet.

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