Dog Squeak Toys: Tips for Getting the Optimum Life Out of Your Dog’s Favorites

Posted May 11, 2009

Suggestions for keeping toys like new, and ideas for taking overused toys away

We hear it all the time: “My dog loves his dog squeak toy so much, it’s getting completely worn out!” First off, we remind them how lucky they are to even be getting that much use out of their dog squeak toy. Before people discover West Paw Design’s high quality workmanship and specially designed reinforced fabric, they have too often witnessed their dog tear into a toy in less time than it took them to go out and buy it!


We pride ourselves on having the longest-lasting dog squeak toys on the market today and, although fabric will eventually deteriorate, most dog owners report that it takes multiple times longer for their dog to do our toys any damage. That said, there are some tips for keeping dog squeak toys alive as long as possible.


The first thing to do is to rotate your dog’s toys. While having a huge toy box for your dog to choose from is fun and easy, it is even better to have a stash of toys hidden away, so that only a few toys are available to your dog at one time. This not only prolongs each toy’s life, it also rekindles the novelty of your dog’s old favorites. In between use, be sure to wash the toys so that dirt and slobber aren’t inextricably ground in.


All of West Paw Design’s toys are machine washable and dryable on low heat. They will come out looking better than ever! The only issue to be aware of is that, once in a while, a squeaker will become waterlogged. Try shaking the toy and repositioning the squeaker to promote drainage, and let your dog squeak it to force air through it. Most of the time, it will clear up quickly.


Finally, there may come a day when your dog’s favorite squeak toy is ready for retirement. You’ve stitched it up more times than you can count, and it’s time to move on. Please be sure to take battered dog squeak toys away from your dog as soon as you notice that they’re too worn to be safe. Although West Paw Design uses only nontoxic materials in our toys, we still feel better knowing that your dog is being closely supervised. Distract your dog, then quietly dispose of the much loved toy. If you’ve been rotating his toys all along, he’ll just be excited to see what else you pull out of the closet!


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