Earth Day Green Dog Product Guide

Posted April 07, 2011

As Earth Day approaches many of us turn our thoughts to ideas and habits we can adopt to live a greener lifestyle. Because pets are important members of the family, we make it easy to green their routines with eco-friendly beds, mats and toys. In addition to using recycled, recyclable and organic materials, West Paw Design creates products that last which results in a longer lifecycle and less overall consumption. And because our products are made in the USA, pet toys, beds and apparel from West Paw Design have a smaller carbon footprint when compared to products manufactured overseas.

Product Guide to Green Your Pets' Routine

Top product picks selected especially for Earth Day by the West Paw Design team



Eco Drop Bed - Perched high off the ground, this cloud of a dog bed is a soft sanctuary for dogs that can nest in folds of soft, fleecy fabric. With a  thick cushion of 100% recycled fill enveloped by 100% recycled fabric, each large Eco Drop reuses 144 plastic soda bottles.
  Bumi - Būmi  adds a fun twist to fetch and tug-o-war with an innovative “S” shape that flexes out to twice its length. In addition to helping dogs get a great work out, the floatable active toy exercises dogs’ sense of fun making it a great companion for any trip to the yard, park or water. When these toys reach the end of their lifecycle, West Paw Design washes and recycles them to make new toys as a part of its Join the Loop® program.
Organic Bumper Bed - Using material grown free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers, Organic Bumper Beds make a small impact on the environment and a positively big impact on pets’ safety. With organic cotton fabric and 100% recycled IntelliLoft fill, the Organic Bumper Bed is one of our most eco-friendly pet beds.
Eco Plush Dog Toys - Eco pet toys made with recycled outer fabric and recycled stuffing come in vibrant colors and adorable shapes including owls, turtles, bones, dodos and more. These dog toys are not only eco-friendly - they're third-party certified safe by Oko-Tex which means they're dog and people-friendly too. 

Tux treat dog toy - Use this popular treat toy for biscuits, spreadable goodies or add liquid and freeze for a cool summer dog treat. Many people seek out healthy treats for dogs, and we think it's equally important to use treat toys that are designed with dogs' health and safety in mind. In addition to being non-toxic and BPA-free, this tough dog toy is dishwasher safe and 100% recyclable.

Eco Nap flat mats - Perfect for summer road trips, the lightweight Eco Nap mat brings style, function and sustainability together in one seriously flexible pet mat. Eco-friendly inside and out, these pet mats are made with recycled fabric and batting that is carefully sewn inside to eliminate bunching. One-piece machine washable and sized to fit standard crates.

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