Why Hemp

Posted August 17, 2012

About Hemp:

According to the website, www.hemphistoryweek.com, Hemp is an environmentally sustainable solution for potentially thousands of products ranging from plastics, paper, textiles, building materials and even ethanol. A low-impact agricultural product, hemp is a renewable resource that can be grown without pesticides or agricultural chemicals.

Today, millions of cars built by Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Lotus, Mercedes Benz and BMW contain hemp composites for door panels. Energy-efficient homes are built with hemp concrete, and retail stores are using hemp fiberboard displays.  

Did you know…

  • Hemp has been cultivated worldwide for over 10,000 years. 
  • Industrial hemp has been grown in the United States since the first European settlers arrived in the 1600’s.  
  • The Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper.
  • In 1942, Henry Ford builds an experimental car body made with hemp fiber, which is ten times stronger than steel. 
  • Hemp was a staple crop of 1800's American agriculture, reflected in town names like "Hempfield" and "Hempstead."

Hemp is gaining popularity for its look, feel and breathability. 

To find out more about the amazing powers of hemp, please visit: www.hemphistoryweek.com