Fun Pet Tips for the 4th of July

Posted June 28, 2011

Independence Day is so much fun for people... here's some tips to make the holiday a little more enjoyable for pets too:

  • Wear your pet out.  Pets with pent up energy are sure to be more stressed than pets that have already had a full day of running, chasing toys, and just getting outside for a while.  If you're going out for a walk or to play fetch, try to think of recreation areas where you know fireworks won't be getting lit. Fireworks are typically illegal in many forested areas and even many city parks.  So get creative and think of a place where fireworks will be less likely during your exercise time.
  • Create a great indoor environment for your pet in the evening.  Scared pets usually like to retreat to their "special place."  This could be a certain room in the house, a crate they sleep in, or even under a human bed.  Make this place even better by making it easily available for your pet.  Put their pet bed and water bowl in that area and have some background/ white noise such as television or music playing to help block out the noise from the fireworks.
  • Help your pet take their mind off of the fireworks.  When evening comes and the fireworks get going, be sure to take a little time and check-in on your buddy.  Remember that pets can read our behavior, so be calm and cool.  Give your pet some treats (try freezing some peanut butter in a Tux dog toy).  Belly rubs and gentle petting might help some dogs and cats too.
By planning ahead and being aware of safety issues, you can make the 4th of July a fun (or at least bearable) holiday for your pet.  Have a fun Independence Day!


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