Stuff dog people say (Video)...

Posted February 03, 2012

After seeing numerous videos on "Stuff People say"... we decided to make our own "DOG version" (you may be more familiar with the other name "Sh*t Dog People Say" - but we're trying to keep it PG).  We absolutely had a blast thinking of all the things that Dog lovers say. We headed out to a few of our favorite local dog parks, and searched for some volunteers to help with the video.  Despite the snowy weather, we found many friendly faces (dogs and human) that were more than happy to help with the making of our video.  We also received help from two local businesses that participated in the video too.  Dee-O-Gee is a local dog store and Gallatin Veterinary Hospital is a local Vet in town.  It sure is great being located in Bozeman, Montana - a true "Dog Town."


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