Tough dog frisbee - read the reviews

Posted March 16, 2012

Zisc is a super strong dog frisbee toy that holds up fetch after fetch... even with those aggressively tough fetching dogs.  The Zisc dog frisbee is made from a super durable material called Zogoflex®.  Unlike other tough dog toys, the Zisc is actually pliable, soft and even floats.  Zisc flies great and even though it is durable, it is still gentle on dogs' mouths, but don't take our word for it - read our customers' reviews:


Zisc dog Frisbee - super durable, flexible, and floats

Zisc Dog Frisbee

  • Guaranteed Durable
  • Floats
  • Pliable
  • Made in the USA



Django and his doggie friend play on the beach with the Zisc dog frisbee

"Thanks for making a frisbee that doesn't get destroyed when my puppy chewing urges get the best of me while retrieving."

Salisbury, Maryland

Mathilda chomps down on the super durable dog frisbee

"Mathilda has played hard with it for months and the Zisc still lives!"

-Taylor and Art (Mathilda's Owners)
Dulles, Virginia

Dog swims with the durable floating dog frisbee called Zisc

"I have used other floating dog products that were made of fabric & while they certainly floated, clearly my dog (Kai) preferred the West Paw Floating Zisc, Paws down! The material is soft on her mouth, yet durable enough to withstand intermittent games of tug with her Pitbull sister, Primadonna."

-David (Kai's Owners)
Orange County, California

Large dog runs through the snow with the blue dog frisbee

"The Zisc has truly been an amazing value, given the price / playtime ratio: When we adopted Bella from the local Humane Society, we purchased several different toys, she either destroyed them instantly or showed little interest."

-Michelle (Bella's Owner)
Grand Rapids, Michigan

two dogs play tug with the super durable dog frisbee

"My son and his dog, Walt, really have loved their Zisc. It was an outstanding dog’s toy! "

-William (Walt's Grandpa & Kirk's Dad)
Hoboken, New Jersey

Alfred playing with the Zisc dog frisbee in the Snow

"We play fetch 2 hour per we need strong toy and toy that we can count on! "

-Celine (Alred's Mom)
Terrebonne, Quebec


While the Zisc dog frisbee is not intended to be a chew toy, it is so strong that Zisc is guaranteed against dog damage and provides a one-time replacement or refund if your dog does damage the super tough frisbee dog toy.  


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