It's Tizzi Time!

Posted February 24, 2012

Guaranteed-Tough Toy is Made in the USA; 100% Recyclable


If there was ever a reason to for dogs to get twisted into a Tizzi®, it’s now!  Introducing the dog toy, formerly known as Twiz, and his little brother, mini-Tizzi. Mini-Tizzi is perfect for smaller dogs.  Lively, fun and excitable the oh-so-entertaining Tizzi and mini Tizzi help your dogs release all of that pent up energy.   

Tizzi and mini Tizzi’s handles interlock to propel this doggie toy favorite farther into the stratosphere, guaranteed to tire your furry friend out on land or water. Pet companions can feel good about dispensing treats in the hollow center of both Tizzi and Mini-Tizzi, as it is a non-toxic toy that’s BPA-free, phthalate-free and designed with dogs’ health and safety in mind.  

Like all of West Paw Design’s durable Zogoflex dog toys, Tizzi and mini Tizzi are made in the USA and guaranteed against dog damage with a full refund or free replacement. Additionally, all Zogoflex toys are 100% recyclable, dishwasher safe and come in three bright colors for easy spotting in water, grass or snow.

Tizzi measures 6.5 inches and is offered in tangerine, Granny Smith green, aqua and the seasonal cherry blossom pink color. MSRP $17.95; and Mini-Tizzi stacks up at 4.5 inches with a MSRP of $10.95.  Tizzi and mini Tizzi are available at and at retail locations across North America.

Zogoflex® Material


Zogoflex® is amazingly tough material that is buoyant, pliable, and designed to be recyclable.  Non-toxic, BPA-free and FDA compliant, Zogoflex® dog toys are made in the USA.  Zogoflex® comes in two categories, PLAY and CHEW.  While all Zogoflex® dog toys are guaranteed against dog damage, be sure to choose the right toy for your dog.  For interactive and supervised play between owners and their pets, choose a Zogoflex® play toy: Zisc®, Tizzi® and Būmi™.  For voracious chewers we offer chew toys: Jive®, Hurley® and Tux®.  


About West Paw Design

Pets add quality to life and West Paw Design’s objective is to give them quality in return with products that are sustainably made in the USA. Using recycled, organic and recyclable materials in many of its products, West Paw Design also continually incorporates eco-friendly strategies into its manufacturing process. Over the past 15 years the Bozeman, Montana-based company has gained a strong and loyal following by offering products that are people, pet and planet-friendly.


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