Tuckered Out Dog Bed

Posted August 22, 2013


- Completely Updated Fabric and Design -

[Bozeman, MT] Since it was introduced,Tuckered Out has kept mature pets in mind, while remaining a favorite for all the ages. Now Tuckered Out in the Berber fabric has received an updated look with naturally beautiful solid colors, chic Chevron and trendy tiger stripes. Hand sewn from super soft Berber fabric - this bed is a dog’s dream come true.

WHAT’S NEW? While keeping the much loved silhouette of Tuckered Out, this popular bed has undergone some slight improvements: Dog owner’s have mentioned that their dogs like to nest inside the crease at the back of Tuckered Out. So the new design creates a deeper and longer crease that runs along the back and sides of the bed providing more opportunity for nesting. Improved bolster. To provide more support and maintains its integrity for a longer period of time. Easier to separate. the pieces for washing and reassembly now has fewer internal components and adjustments. Reduced production scrap waste with more optimally shaped patterns.


BERBER:  Oatmeal/Chocolate, Rust/Chocolate

 HEMP: Coal and Timber


 BERBER: Gravel Tiger/Gravel, Moss Chevron/Moss

Tuckered Out Dog Beds Tuckered Out with Hemp - dog beds

Strength and Safety: Handcrafted in Montana, and featuring custom designed fabrics, Tuckered Out’s Berber is dog tough. Filled 100% with the super soft and snuggly eco-fiber, IntelliLoft. This recycled plastic bottles fiber fill, which has been carefully stuffed inside to avoid flattening, has been certified safe by by Öko-Tex Standard 100 a third-party testing lab. This the same ecological certifier used by popular children’s clothing and baby carrier manufacturers.

Sweet Dreams Start with Soft, Clean Beds: Made to be super soft and snuggly, Tuckered Out is the ultimate lazy day bed. And cleaning couldn’t be easier. Simply unzip the Berber or Hemp cover and toss into the washer and dryer. It comes out looking and feeling like new! What is IntelliLoft®? IntelliLoft is West Paw Design’s incredibly intelligent eco-fiber, created from recycled plastic bottles. We use IntelliLoft two ways—to create the ultra-resilient, fuzzy exteriors of some of our Eco Naps and toys, and as a premium high-loft stuffing. IntelliLoft is machine washable and dryer safe. West Paw Design has diverted over 8.2 million bottles from the landfill through its’ innovative use of IntelliLoft.

BERBER FABRIC TRANSPARENCY IN MATERIAL SOURCING: West Paw Design works hard to source US-manufactured or US-grown materials for our toys, beds and sweaters. This is not always possible. The Berber fabric is from Wisconsin, USA and the inside IntelliLoft fill is from China. Dog Size: Outside L x W x H Inside Dimensions 15 lbs. & Under 24"x19"x7" 13"x15" 16-35 lbs. 34"x22"x7" 14"x22" 36-60 lbs. 42"x29"x7" 28"x21" Over 61 lbs. 50"x32"x7" 33"x23"



West Paw Design works hard to source US-manufactured or US-grown materials for our toys, beds and sweaters. As hemp cannot be grown in the US, we source our hemp from an organic farm in China. We’ve decided it’s better to support this eco-friendly agricultural product in hopes of creating a demand so someday it can be produced by American farmers.




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