Posted May 14, 2012

Zisc is designed with all the benefits to keep for your dog happy. Engineered from West Paw Design’s incredibly soft, yet durable Zogoflex® material, the Zisc® flies through the air with speed and accuracy. Its pliable material allows your dog to pick it up from flat surfaces with ease and will not hurt or damage their soft mouth. In your backyard, at the park or on the water (it floats!) the Zisc® is the must have interactive toy of the season!

Zisc® is Guaranteed durable - even against the destructive fetchers! Designed for supervised and interactive play between a dog and its owner, Zisc is also recyclable and is also dishwasher safe! No wonder why the Zisc® has received awards and is recommended by Woman’s Day Magazine, Pet Business Magazine, and Dogtime.com. You might even see Humans playing with Zisc® at the park. Roll it up and take it camping... truly fun for all!

Available in glow-in-the-dark and three bright and easy-to-spot colors: Tangerine (orange), Granny Smith (green), and Aqua (blue). Made in Montana, USA.

Mini Zisc (6.5”) - $10.95
Regular Zisc (8.5”) - $14.95

Zisc Glow (mini, 6.5") - $11.95
Zisc Glow (8.5") - $17.95

Zogoflex® Material

Zogoflex® is amazingly tough material that is buoyant, pliable, and designed to be recyclable. Non-toxic, BPA-free and FDA compliant, Zogoflex® dog toys are made in the USA. Zogoflex® comes in two categories, PLAY and CHEW. While all Zogoflex® dog toys are guaranteed against dog damage, be sure to choose the right toy for your dog. For interactive and supervised play between owners and their pets, choose a Zogoflex® play toy: Zisc®, Tizzi® and Būmi®. For voracious chewers we offer chew toys: Jive®, Hurley® and Tux®.

About West Paw Design Surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Mont.-based West Paw Design, established in 1996, continues to pursue its mission to create the highest quality pet products on the market. Created and manufactured locally, all products are safe and comfortable for pets with fabrics sourced straight from the clothing industry. While creating products with minimal environmental impact, West Paw Design uses nontoxic, organic or recyclable materials. West Paw Design is proud to do its part to protect the environment by using as much raw product as possible and reducing waste. For more information about West Paw Design and its products visit www.westpawdesign.com.

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