Bailey chooses the Hurley because it floats and is durable

Posted August 15, 2006

Bailey's favorite durable water toy, the Hurley!

Judy Jones has two pure breed Irish Water Spaniels, Bailey (5) and Caitie (2). Both Bailey and Caitie love spending hours in the water and like to take along any toys that can float. Since Bailey has been introduced to the Hurley, no other toy can quite compare! He loves to retrieve the Hurley from the water and will spend hours doing so! All the other toys which Bailey plays with have not been able to hold up to his active play. West Paw's durable dog toy, the Hurley, has lasted for months and has made Bailey a very happy dog!

My two Irish Water Spaniels are avid swimmers and beg to go swimming every day. They cannot wait to go out to the yard to swim and when they do the first thing they look for is the Hurley!

West Paw's Hurley has become Bailey's favorite toy to play with. He sometimes even brings it to me in the house, as much as if to say: isn't it time to go swimming? as it is for him to just play! Bailey is obsessed with retrieving from the pool so West Paw Design's float-able water toys are perfect for his active lifestyle!

However, most toys I bring home to him he destroys within minutes, even the toys that claim to be indestructible. I have tried all the Air Kong stuff and even tried the Tire Biter but Bailey has managed to destroy all of these toys. Except the Hurley!

He's had this durable dog toy made of Zogoflex for over four months now and he still hasn't dented it! For the most part, Bailey will chew on whatever it is he is retrieving so most toys hardly make it past a couple of throws. Not the Hurley. This chew toy keeps going and going!

It thrills me to know that West Paw Design has created a toy that both my Water Spaniels can enjoy!

Judy Jones

Clyde, OH
Bailey can't let go of his Hurley

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