Camping Dogs still need chew toys!

Posted August 09, 2012


Bridger and Autumn are quite the canine campers. Bridger is a four year old Yellow Lab and Autumn is a 2 year old Golden Lab mix from Kentucky. They were lucky enough to get adopted by some loving, active humans that like to go camping... and what dog doesn't like camping! Even when they are away from home, these dogs keep their favorite dog toys close: Hurley dog bone and the Būmi tug toy.

“We volunteer at a lab rescue so naturally we have adopted a couple of dogs that like most labs, like to chew. We used to live in Livingston, MT so we knew all about West Paw Design and didn't hesitate to order some dog toys. The attached photo is from our camping/fly fishing trip this past weekend in Monongahela National Forest. Bridger on the left with his Būmi dog toy and Autumn on the right with her Hurley chew toy. Our dogs LOVE your products and we love the durability.”

Dave & Cynthia and Bridger &Autumn
Edgewood, KY


Yellow labs with their favorite dog toys on a camping trip


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