Cat beds help with moving to a new place

Posted April 11, 2011

Cindy recently sent us a thank you note for helping her cat, Yoda, transition easily from their place in the Caribbean to the United States.  Moving is hard on animals - especially cats, so we were thrilled to hear that our cat beds helped the move go smoothly for Yoda!

Yoda is one comfy (and cute) cat!

I rescued a two week old orphaned cat (Yoda) while living in the caribbean (I'm originally from New Hampshire) and after a year there together, I decided to move back to the states.  I was very stressed out about moving with my cat who is, you might say, special.  He plays fetch, thinks he's a dog, cries at the door for us, begs for eggs and ice cubes, is extremely playful, loves strangers, and looks to humans as the mother he never had.  In doing research on how to move with a cat, I ran across your company and despite my limited funds, purchased two Eco Naps and a Bumper bed for Yoda to help facilitate the move and because I think that if I use organics and care for the environment then my "child" should also use environmentally friendly products.  

I just want to say THANK YOU for making such great products.  Yoda absolutely loves all three of his beds which are scattered around his new home in the states.  They keep him warm and comfortable and he sucks on them when falling asleep.  Although he can't say it with words, I know that he is beyond happy and impressed with his West Paw beds.  And I know that I am happy because he's happy and because we are both helping the environment and he's not sucking on any nasty chemicals while he falls asleep.  So we both sleep soundly thanks you.  

I tell everyone I know about your company and I just wanted to send along a little thank you for helping to ease the transition to the cold north for my cat and I.  



Yoda curled up on the Eco Nap - flat mat cat bed Yoda sleeps soundly on the West Paw Design flat mat


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