Corgi from South Dakota loves beds and dog toys made in USA

Posted July 05, 2012


Wally is a good looking, 4 year old, Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Gregory, South Dakota.  Wally and his human Mom love dog toys and the Bumper Beds made in Montana by West Paw Design.  Tiffany recently sent us this note with a few photos of Wally:

“I love love love this company. My boy destroys everything immediately but not the west paw toys! He has had both sizes of frisbees but lost the little one in the lake. His large frisbee is his best friend. He carries that thing around with him everywhere, sleeps on it, and slaps me in the face with it when I'm trying to sleep. Oh gosh he has even been dropping it in my bath water! When he has buddies over he hides it and brings out the bumi! They are so durable and dogs are drawn to them. Speaking of drawn to, I also bought him a bumper bed and we can not keep animals out of it. My mom's dogs, cats, friends dogs... they all end up in it. I won't lie, I have also hung out in it more than once. Made so well and so comfy. Wally has never liked dog beds before and he sleeps in this one every day. Thank you, West Paw!”

Tiffany & Wally
Gregory, SD

Wally (a Corgi dog) swims with the zisc dog frisbee After a long day of playing with his zisc dog frisbee, Wally sleeps in his bumper dog bed
Wally running through the field with his dog frisbee


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