This dog has earned her toy - Bagdad, Iraq

Posted October 17, 2013

It turns out we have a fan over in Baghdad, Iraq:

“Hexe is a bomb detection K9 helping keep the United States Baghdad Embassy safe from various threats. Recently the great folks at the United States War Dog Association generously donated various items for our K9s which included a Bumi. Hexe absolutely LOVES her Bumi! Normal dog toys only last a few minutes with her jaws of steel but the Bumi is amazingly tough and holding up well. Hexe and I would like to thank USWDA Chapter 1 for the wonderful donations and West Paw Designs for making the incredibly tough and fun Bumi! Thank you!

Ryan (and Hexe) 
Baghdad, Iraq

We hope Hexe & Ryan know that they have pretty big fans too! We are so thankful for all their work and hope they stay safe!  Want to learn more about Hexe?  Check out Hexe's website to learn more about this amazing K9.

Hexe - Bomb detection K9 at the United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq

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