Durable dog toy made in USA for Dillon

Posted November 21, 2007

Finally, a durable dog toy made in the USA!

Dillon loves his toy donkey named Jack!

After searching for a dog toy made in the USA, Danielle almost gave up - but just in time she discovered Jack, one of West Paw Design's dog toys made in Montana, USA! Read her letter to West Paw Design:

I just adopted a 2 1/2 Pomaranian/Pug from a rescue shelter last Friday. While I heard all the stories in the news about lead and cadmium being found in dog toys this didn't apply to me until now. Dillon and I made our first visit to the pet store together tonight. I wandered up and down the isles examining every package for the words "Made in the USA". After about 45 minutes and almost defeated I picked up a furry little toy that looked like a donkey named "Jack". Success! When we got home Dillon went right to work testing out the new toy (see attached pictures). He loves it...the sound...the texture...and I love the durability.

I went right to work writing all of my friends who have dogs to let them know of the potential hazards of buying these "made in China" toys and the benefits of buying right here in the good old USA. Besides supporting our local economy you may be prolonging a life.

You keep doing the good work and I'll keep passing the word. Thank you for a great product!


Danielle Heminway


Dillon playfully chomping on his dog toy named Jack

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