Eco Nap is the preferred resting spot for this traveling cat

Posted October 29, 2010

Meet Elsie, a short haired tabby cat with a whole lotta attitude.

While we don't know all of Elsie's history, we do know that this cute cat has traveled quite a lot, has had some tough days in her past and now loves to rest on her comfortable cat mat.  Currently, Elsie lives in Bishop, CA with some lovely humans in complete cat comfort.  

Elsie is a rescue cat from Hurricane Katrina and judging by her lack of teeth, her human family thinks she may be around 7 or 8 years old.  Elsie was rescued by her current owner who was involved with the animal rescue post Katrina. At which time, Elsie was sent to be temporarily fostered with a vet in Michigan. After helping with the rescue operations, her current owners decided to find Elsie and were able to track her through Petfinder.  Elsie was sent to Colorado Springs, CO to meet her rescuer and new owner. After picking her up in Colorado Springs, her new family drove home to Steamboat Springs, CO. Eventually Elsie's family moved from Steamboat Springs, CO to Salt Lake City, UT before moving once more to their current home in Bishop, CA. These days Elsie loves to lay on her small Eco Nap... which is strategically perched in the window where she can monitor the backyard hummingbird population in comfort.  

Elsie is a rescue cat from Katrina - enjoying her new cat mat

Elsie found the West Paw Design online website to be simple, but being a cat and lacking thumbs, she had to let her owner step in to place the order for her new cat mat.  Elsie's owner likes the design of the Eco Nap and likes the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Apparently Elsie is less concerned with the environmentally-friendly nature of her Eco Nap cat mat and more with the supremely blissful comfort of the mat.  Cat's are like that.

We couldn't be happier for Elsie  - to many frisky days ahead... with lots of naps too!!


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