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Posted January 25, 2012

Dog frisbees come in many shapes, sizes and strengths.  Dogs that love frisbees, typically love them to death.  So when Bill found the Zisc dog frisbee for his Golden Retriever Maggi, it was a dream come true.  They found a durable dog frisbee that lasts years instead of days.  The Zisc frisbee is Maggi's favorite dog toy... but don't take our word for it:

Zisc dog Frisbee - super durable, flexible, and floats
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Maggi loves disks, but destroyed everything we brought home for her.  She is curious and energetic and the dog toys had no chance of survival.  While at a small pet supply store in Southern Indiana a man came in with a black lab carrying a rubber floppy disk.  The dog would not put it down.  We discovered that the store sold the West Paw Design Zisc.  We purchased the zisc for Maggi expecting it to die an untimely death like the rest of her toys.  This has not been the case.  She has had the zisk for almost a year and there is not even any teeth marks on it.  It is by far her favorite dog toy and she is getting quite adept and catching it while in flight and playing keep away with her two room mates, Shadow and Chopper.  This is a dog frisbee well worth the money.  Maggi is glad that we found this miracle of pet toy engineering for her pleasure.  

Keep up the great work.  You have developed great dog products well worth the money and they are safer for the pets.  The zisc does not break or leave pieces for the pet to swallow.  Being soft makes it better for her mouth, teeth and gums. Thank you for the great product.

Bill & Maggi
North Vernon

Maggi holding her favorite dog frisbee - the Zisc


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