Letter from Budda - the typing dog

Posted March 24, 2010

Budda, the typing dog from Brooklyn, WI sent us this letter:

Dear West Paw Humans:

My dad said I should write this letter asking for replacement toys since I was the one who chewed them up. Typing is kind of hard with big hairy paws, so please pardon any spelling or grammar errors. I am a 76-pound two-year old Labador named Budda. Some humans complain that my name should be spelled "Buddha" but it all sounds the same to me.

On August 13th 2009 my dad ordered two large Hucks, two large Ziscs and two large Tuxes for me and my Lab buddy, Jake. We were both very excited to see our new toys and I began chewing on them at once. It took me about five months to chew bits and pieces from the Hucks. They are still fun to play with but my dad is concerned that I might swallow the little chunks so he would like to replace them. The Tuxes are my favorite 'cause they keep filling up with treats, so I get to eat yummy stuff and then I chew on the toys. It took me six months to bite my way through one Tux, but the other one is still good as new. My dad would like to replace the damaged Tux. The Ziscs are holding up pretty well and I get to chase them in the paddock behind the barn. Jake is a better Zisc catcher than me but I am getting the hang of it. I like the soft Zisc material 'cause it does not get jagged like hard plastic toys that cut my mouth.

West Paw toys are the best I ever had. I tried Kongs and other stuff but they mostly fell apart in a day or two. I dunno what good they are since I can't chew on them more than a few hours and they are thrown away. Thanks for making such great toys for dogs like me.

My mom and dad take really good care of me. They adopted me from a rescue, which saved me from being crated 23 hours a day by some thoughtless human, after I was nearly killed at a "humane" society, after my first family lost their home and could not keep me. Now I live with two humans who love me very much, and another Lab, and a horse, and three sheep. We live in the country where I have 25 acres of land to explore, I go to doggie daycare three times a week and I am being trained as a therapy dog so I can visit sick humans in hospitals and nursing homes. I was named Budda long ago, but my humans call me Super Budda. I don't know why, but that is a nice name.

Thank you for sending me replacement toys. I will try not to ruin them too quickly this time.

Super Budda - the typing dog

Thanks for the letter Super Budda! We hope you and Jake enjoy the replacement toys!


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