Lucky Dog's floatable and durable fling thing

Posted August 26, 2006

A Durable and Floatable Dog Toy.

Lucky-Dog's Story:

Lucky-Dog is an 8 year old Pit Bull Terrier who lives in Cary, IL and absolutely loves his Fling Thing! Lucky-Dog's favorite past-time activity is retrieving the highly visible, float-able Fling Thing from the Fox River by his home. Not only does Lucky-Dog enjoy the Fling Thing's floating quality, the fact that it's so durable appeals to his owner, Geri. In his puppy years Lucky-Dog managed to destroy much of Geri's furniture but his fixation was turned from his destructive behavior when the Fling Thing was introduced. Geri also mentions how durable the Fling Thing is when it comes to Lucky-Dog's chewing, though the Fling Thing is not advertised as a chew toy, it is very durable and can hold up to regular, supervised mouthing much like the other Enduroplay products.

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your Fling Thing! I bought one about 3 years ago at a little store in Lake Tahoe when I was on vacation. If I come home from a vacation without a 'peace offering' for my dog, there's hell to pay!

I live on the Fox River in Illinois and it is hard to find durable, floating dog toys that I can throw far enough out for Lucky-Dog to retrieve. Usually the toys just sink or disappear in the current. Then I found the Fling Thing.

The Fling Thing is great because it's an actual floating dog toy, and it's visible so Lucky-Dog can see it in the water of the Fox River. He seems to like being able to easily grab it in the water and swim back with it in his mouth. He also really seems to have fun stepping on the Fling Thing and then letting it pop back up to the surface of the water. He cracks me up when he does that!

I have had a very happy dog up until a few days ago when the river's current carried the Fling Thing out farther than he could see it and it floated away. I actually had a few friends with boats out looking for it to no avail. I haven't been able to find a new Fling Thing in my area but finally was able to find one on a website.

I can't say enough on how thrilled I am with the Fling Thing! It's Lucky-Dog's absolute favorite toy and nothing else seems to make him happy. I also am impressed with the ease of ordering online, it wasn't a complicated, multi-step process. I just picked what I wanted and paid for it without a big hassle.

I just want to say Thank You for making such a great toy! It always floats, it's brightly colored so Lucky-Dog can see it easily and it doesn't get full of holes or torn up. It's just about the best money I ever spent on a dog toy!

Geri Vassau
Cary, Illinois
Lucky swimming with his favorite toy!


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