Nala learns to play!

Posted July 03, 2013

A story of a rescue dog that didn't understand what "play" was... until their new family showed her:

“Cassie I have had since she was a puppy. She has always been extremely high-energy (field line) and consistently destructive to every toy we provided. She even ate my imitation pheasant that I used for training when she was a pup.

Nala is a rescue we were blessed to have join our family. She was in bad shape when she came to us and it didn't take long to discover she had no idea how to play and she definitely didn't understand Cassie's fascination with your products. It took a little time, lots of love and a fleet of Zogoflex toys but as you can see from the pictures she is now just as crazy as her accomplice. Your products are outstanding. Thank you from all of us here at the Lab-house ;)

My pets favorite is the Zisc. They cannot get enough of chasing it, tossing it for each other and playing never ending rounds of "keep away". Also a huge fan of Hurley, Jive-ball and Bumi. As you can see in the pics the Hurley and Zisc take the most punishment. Fact is, I could hand them any Zogoflex toy and they will proceed as though they have been recruited by West Paw Design for product testing. Great stuff and great price”

Daniel (and Cassie & Nala) 
Santa Rosa, CA

We are so glad that Nala is in such a wonderful loving home and has learned how to PLAY!!  It isn't too surprising that Cassie taught Nala to play, since many of us humans are reminded frequently by our dogs that we need to get out, be acitve, and play too!  Aren't dogs great!!

Nala and Cassie... and the dog toys they love (or should we say loved-to-death)!

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