Only dog toys still in one piece after two years!

Posted August 06, 2013

Meet two wild and tough girls:  Dakota & Havoc.  These two beautiful Rhodesian Ridgbacks are in their doggie teenage years (both are "2 human-years" old) and love to play.  Luckily for these playful dogs, their human mom discovered the guaranteed tough Zogoflex dog toys:

For Fetch:

For Tug:

For Chewing:




Zisc - durable dog frisbee for fetch Bumi - strong tug dog toy Hurley dog chew toy
“Havoc and Dakota love to play and play rough for two girls. When they were just 3-5 months old we could not keep a toy longer than a few days. Stuffed toys lasted maybe 5 min. Other hard rubber or plastic toys were chewed up and spit out in no time. Havoc even took a 6" chunk out of our stairway post. At 5 months we found the Zogoflex toys on line. We were intrigued by the guarantee and decided to try it. For the last 2yrs we have had our Orange Zisc, which is their favorite outside play toy, 2 Bumis for tug of war inside and out, and 2 Hurleys for chewing and the "this is mine - just try to take it" game. These are our girls' only toys because they are the only ones that have survived. They all still look like new, even after 2 years. It's amazing!! We tell all our "dog" friends about Zogoflex toys and we take our Zisc and Bumis to the dog park. Everyone at the park is amazed at how flexible, yet durable they are.

Dakota likes to fold Zisc in half as if it's a sandwich. I can see her teeth pushing into the material but they never break through. I still can't believe it even when I see her biting it like that. Of course they love to fetch it, but usually it turns into a game of keep away before they bring it to me. I love to watch them play so I don't mind.

Only toys I will ever buy again. Nothing else survives my 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Thank you so much for making toys that our girls enjoy and can't destroy. Havoc and Dakota would like to thank you too (if they weren't so busy trying to eat each other)."

Pikeville, TN

Dakota and Havoc both tug over the super durable Zisc dog frisbee

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