Pico stays warm with Reknitz small dog sweater

Posted September 15, 2008

Little Pico gets a lot of warmth with his XS Reknitz® sweater this fall

Pico in the Grass

Pico is a one year old, playful Chihuahua mix that lives in Helena, Montana. Even though it is early September, the weather has already started to get cold. With his short hair and his small size, he gets cold quickly. So Pico’s owners were so glad to give him a gift of warmth. On chilly morning walks, Pico can strut his stuff comfortably.

Shawn, Pico’s human mother, is happy that the Reknitz® sweater not only keeps Pico warm, but has style to match his confident attitude. After all, Pico is a proud little pup, and takes his neighborhood patrols seriously.

Pico on the Deck Pico on the Deck

Chad, Pico’s father, was happy to know that the sweater was made from reclaimed cotton and by a company in the USA that truly cares about the bigger picture in life!

At a recent doggy family reunion, Pico’s litter mates were envious of his new sweater and decided that they needed to get Reknitz sweaters too! So, don’t be surprised if you see Pico and his “Peeps” in Helena this fall, sporting a Reknitz sweater.

Pico sniffing

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