Saving money with the Zisc.

Posted February 05, 2006


Montana Loves his interactive Zisc!

Montana is a 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix who lives in Denver with his owner, Ken. Ken had given up on buying dog frisbee's for Montana when the habit became too expensive - every dog frisbee would be destroyed or lost by Montana's aggressive play. When Ken stumbled upon West Paw's dog frisbee called Zisc at a local pet store he decided to give it a try - and has not regretted his decision! Now he and Montana can spend hours playing catch without worrying that the Zisc will be destroyed by Montana's exuberance. 


Thank you West Paw for developing this virtually indestructible flying dog toy the Zisc - my dog, Montana, absolutely loves it!! Montana loves that he can catch it and it's soft and flexible - this being Montana's favorite feature so he can pull and tug. I like it because the softness gives me the satisfaction of knowing that when Montana catches the Zisc in the air - it will not injure his mouth.


We've been playing with the Zisc dog frisbee for a couple of weeks now (that's much longer than any other flying frisbee or disc product I've bought previously) and it's still going strong! I swear, I must've spent over several hundred dollars on several different "dog frisbees" in the past. I gave up on playing frisbee with Montana because it was becoming too expensive. So, for the longest time, he was chasing tennis balls - not half as much fun. But, I discovered the Zisc in a local pet store and figured it would work - and it does!


Montana feels he must carry around the Zisc in his mouth all day - which is what he was doing when we were driving down the road and he dropped his Zisc into traffic. Well, I had to go get him another one and I just wanted to thank West Paw again for this fantastic dog toy! I hope this will be the last flying dog toy I'll ever have to buy. Trust me, I'll be keeping this one in the trunk from now on when Montana's riding with me shotgun!


I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am, and how happy Montana is! We both thank West Paw Design for the Zisc!


Ken Rafferty
Denver, Colorado

Montana sad without his Zisc


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