Stick lover Golden Retriever approves Hurley and Tux

Posted July 24, 2008

Chloe and her owner, Todd love the durable Hurley and Tux dog toys.

Chloe Walsh, a fun loving one and half year old Golden Retriever, was optimistic when her owner, Todd, brought home a new Zogoflex Hurley. With her being a stick lover, Todd was glad to find a suitable substitute.

Chloe has only had her Zogoflex® toys for about two weeks, but she absolutely loves them! Her owner, Todd purchased a Hurley and Tux and he explained that Chloe just loves the Hurley® when she's "chilling" because she always wants something to carry and hang out of her mouth. Sticks were previously her love and Todd was always nervous on walks that Chloe would ding someone's car with the sticks she found. Since Chloe loves the Hurley, Todd is hoping he can begin to substitute the Hurley in place of the sticks during their walks and avoid any unnecessary car damage!

"Ordering from West Paw was simple and the website conveys a feeling that the staff cares about each order and each customer (the four legged ones and the two legged ones)." Todd was also impressed with the durability and that Zogoflex is made in the USA.

At home, Chloe plays with both Zogoflex toys. The Tux® works really well since her favorite treat (an ice cube) can be hidden inside and entertains her until it melts down enough to fall out. Sharing apparently comes naturally to Chloe. Todd described how he woke up one morning to find that Chloe had placed the Hurley on his pillow just beside his head during the night. Of course, we don't blame Chloe - something this good just needs to be shared!

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