Thank you for making my sad cat happy again

Posted March 03, 2006

Izzy happy again!

Erin Roberts lives in Boston Massachusetts and is the proud mother of Isabella (Izzy) and Ferdinand (Ferdi) who are energetic 5 year old house cats. A typical Boston day consists of sleeping, playing with their West Paw Design toys and sleeping!

"Your toys have been a lifesaver for us! Izzy has been our "baby" for the last several years and when we brought Charlotte home from the hospital, Izzy started to feel neglected. Izzy has always been a very playful cat, and we could tell she was depressed because she stopped playing and spent a lot of her time sleeping (a typical pastime for her brother Ferdi, but unusual for her). As soon as I brought the West Paw Sour Puss and Octo Pal toys home, her playful energy returned! We’ve had these toys for about a month, and the cats show no signs of losing interest. I think the toys have really helped Izzy feel like her old self again!

What we are impressed with the most is the quality. The first thing Izzy normally does with all of her new toys is pull off the tail (if it’s a mouse toy) and any other protruding pieces such as eyes. After several weeks of heavy duty play, all parts of the Sour Puss and Octo Pal are intact and show no signs of coming off.

Both cats really like the fabric the toys are made of. They love to gnaw at the Sour Puss and Octo Pal. The toys are also easy for them to carry around in their mouths."

Erin Robets
Boston, Massachusetts

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