Tough plush dog toys - strong enough for terriers

Posted January 31, 2011

Meet two terriers that play tough and rest in comfort.  

Chance is a mutt terrier (that looks like a Silky or Yorkie terrier) that is around three and Bandit is an 11 week old Jack Russell pup.  Bandit is not only cute, but comes from a family of models.  Rumor has it that Bandit has some sisters that have modeled for Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic!  However, if you ask us, Bandit is the lucky dog of the family - with such great toys to play with and comfy spots to rest.  

Bandit and Chance play tug with the pink salsa dog toy

These two dogs live in Big Sky, Montana - so it is great to have indoor dog toys and comfy dog beds to hang out on during the cold winter months. Bandit's owner, Caroline, was happy to find that Bandit prefers playing with the squeaky Salsa dog toy nicknamed "Yeti" over eating their sofa.  Of course, that's only when Bandit is able to get the Salsa dog toy away from Chance. 

Bandit plays with the Salsa dog toy on her Tuckered Out dog bed

Determining the pack leader of the house is a little difficult... but it is obvious that it is not Caroline's boyfriend.  Chance normally rules the roost, but when "Hershey" (Caroline's boyfriend's dog) is visiting, he puts Chance in his place.  The dogs love their Tuckered Out dog bed and Eco Naps, but still choose to sleep in Caroline's king size bed at night.  Through much skill and talent, Chance is able to take up most of the king size bed himself.  After getting the Tuckered Out dog bed, Caroline's boyfriend has reported that his back has "never felt better."  We're glad to hear that someone is getting a good nights sleep on our dog bed in their house!

Even though Bandit loves to wake everyone up at 3 in the morning, Caroline absolutely loves her dogs.  "They bring a lot of joy and laughter, and put smiles on faces all around Big Sky."  Aren't dogs great!  

Bandit models with her Salsa Dog toy Jack russell playing with the salsa dog toy Bandit yawns after much play with her dog toy
Bandit models with her salsa dog toy and eco nap dog bed
It is easy to tell why modeling is in this dog's genes!  She is one cute model!


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