West Paw Design is Making Mouths Happy in Kernersville, NC

Posted August 13, 2009


Lucy Rosie Mailee

This trio of adorable Labrador’s Lucy, Rosie and Mailee love to chew. Because they are such great dogs Evan and Christen like to provide them with tough toys to keep their mouths happy and busy - but they were becoming skeptical of toys that claim to be made for “tough chewers” ever since a $30 bone, the last straw,  was shredded in 5 minutes...Evan and Christen’s feet are still finding the remains of the less than tough, over-priced, plastic toy in their carpet. They had even tried the popular Kong toy - it did remain in tact,  but the dogs got bored of them just outside of puppyhood.


Recently, on a trip to All Pet’s Considered in Greensboro, NC, they spied Hurley®. Tired of “wasting” money on toys that didn’t live up to the hype, they studied the label. Discovering how unique, eco friendly and safe Hurley is AND guaranteed, they decided to give it a shot. “Not only do my dogs LOVE these bones but they carry them in their mouths everywhere they go! Even to bed!” Talk about “Puppy Love”!


When it comes to toys, Evan and Christen have one basic rule: "Inside Toys" need to stay inside and "Outside toys" stay outside, says Christen. Once an "inside toy" makes its way outside it is not allowed back inside. However, they recently discovered that West Paw Design toys (which are inside toys at their house) have broken the rule. The dogs have been taking the toys outside, but since the dogs can't part with the toys overnight, they sneak them back inside. Initially, Evan and Christen didn't realize the dogs were even breaking the rule, but since the dogs bring them right back in with them, the West Paw Design toys are the only exception to the rule, "honestly our girls won't let the toys out of their sight!" The good news is that all Zogoflex toys are dishwasher safe! So if the toys do get dirty on an outside adventure, they are easily cleaned. 


These dogs seem to love the shape and texture of the Zogoflex® toys and the bright colors make them easy to find when playing fetch. Evan and Christen love the durability. After a month of non stop chewing there isn’t even a mark on them! So, they bought a Tux® - also a Zogoflex toy. "Thank you, West Paw, for making a toy that is perfect for our dogs needs. We are so happy we found you!"


Evan and Christen have been able to close their wallets. Lucy, Rosie and Mailee have very busy mouths. And they all lived happily ever after.

All three chase with the Tux dog toy


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